Monday, January 12, 2009

Step by Step Processes

This project is in the pilot study and development phase. The question being if I build it will they come. The bots are still a work in progress though the builds are complete. It has been pitched to a few agencies all of which seem interested at this point.

Medflow Solutions - is a recently formed company - it too is a work in progress - we are currently exploring making it a not-for-profit organization focusing on assisting other not-for-profit agencies.

Patient Flow Analysis is a tool for evaluating what is taking place within a clinics working structure. It provides a snapshot of a day in the life of a clinic via the patient and providers interactions. It helps a system determine where bottlenecks and potential problems exist. Patient Flow Analysis for this project have been conducted using the Center for Disease Control and Preventions WinPFA statistical software package. Reports and graphs generated through the PFA software are 2 Dimensional and lack visual perspective. Those programs that use 3D concepts still seem to be lacking in perspective and tend to use a series of boxes, triangles, and squares to represent individuals in a clinic. However, using Second Life (R), a complete 3D graphic representation can be created.

The first step is running the Patient Flow Analysis - this is a process that involves numerous meetings and a full day spent in a clinic collecting data.

The second step is analysis and creating the 3D representation using Second Life (R).

Using agency fire maps the layout of the clinic is constructed - walls are created a bit larger to allow for better camera angles.

The second step is to furnish the clinic to make it look as realistic as possible.

There are clinic rooms, a reception area and office spaces included in the build.

The realism is on of the major points in the patient flow analysis.

The final step is to load the patient bots in and program them to run each patients course through the clinic - this step is still in progress - additional scripting is needed for the patient bots. Each color bot represents a different type of visit. Gold is an annual visit, Silver is a new patient, and blue is a special visit for this clinic.

The bots using time in motion data follow the patient path through the clinic as stated above.

In addition to the Patient Flow Clinic - I have designed a counseling training area and a conference type training area to train individuals on behavior change communications as it relates to disease prevention and how to train others.

But more on these later.

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  1. Ypu know... there is a reason why I admire you so much.... and this just mde it stronger. Awesome job!